Tuesday, 16 May 2017

In Future, Livability Index To Guide Those Who Buy Property in Pune


Pune is in a race which many households who buy property in Pune will wish the city comes out winning. The goal which authorities in Pune have set for the city is to make it among the most livable cities in the country. According to those involved, this goal shall be achieved by leveraging the cities natural heritage, its rich cultural heritage, and by emphasizing Pune's dynamic business climate and human capital.

The Ministry of Urban Development's Role

A livability index will be used to gauge how livable a city is; how various cities measure up against one another is expected to be revealed by the index as well. Pune's score on the livability index shall be measured by the central government on the basis of fifteen different parameters.

The Urban Union Development Ministry has already asked for bids from numerous agencies who will conduct the assessment of cities across India and will finally create the livability score for cities in India. In carrying out the assessment, the agencies will use an indigenously evolved index which will have fifteen different core parameters. A livability index for the participating cities is expected to be launched next month. It will be created based on the livability standards of 140 cities, 53 of which have a population that equals or exceeds ten lakhs. Smart cities in the country, including Pune, will also be ranked according to the livability index.

What Are the Parameters?

Seventy Nine aspects which are a part of fifteen core parameters shall be used to assess the different cities livability score. The major core aspects are as follow.
* Governance
* Health
* Safety
* Security
* Education
* Economic Aspects
* Land Use
* Open Spaces
* Housing
* Waste Management
* Availability of Water and Energy
* Pollution Levels in the City

How Pune Authorities are Preparing

To improve the lives of Pune's denizens and coincidentally lead the property rate in Pune higher, the Pune Municipal Corporation endeavors to convert the city into a robust center of commerce and into an education hub. Furthermore by successfully solving its core issues related to infrastructure it expects to attract more investment and an even more skilled workforce to Pune. By making Pune's neighborhoods
clean, green, and more livable, the PMC endeavors to improve the lives of its existing citizens and attract new and highly skilled immigrants to the city.
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Between the towns and cities in India is being fostered a sense of healthy competition which has at its core the ambition to focus attention on creating better governance and better infrastructure in towns and cities across India. The PMC will have to bring to completion numerous real estate projects in Pune if it hopes to achieve its goal of becoming one of the most livable cities in India.

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