Thursday, 18 May 2017

Some Builders in Gurgaon May Lose Their License Thanks to MCG

The Gurgaon civic body may takeover colonies from those builders in Gurgaon who have incomplete civic projects in societies they constructed. On Tuesday a meeting was held between many of Gurgaon’s top builders and the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon. During the meeting the MCG did not shy away from stating that it would be open to taking over the colonies that the builders had constructed. During the daylong meeting numerous aspects of how the MCG would take over the societies was discussed. Also attending the meeting were residents of several societies who had demanded that the MCG take over the civic functions in their societies as it would lead to the completion of unfinished projects in their societies. The MCG had threatened the builders with the cancellation of their licenses yesterday during the course of the meeting.

What to Expect in the Future
A takeover of the societies that are under the management of builders could happen in as short a time as two to six months, while the outer deadline for such a takeover by the MCG is next year. However no concrete roadmap outlining the takeover timeframe was presented at yesterday’s meeting. According to the Municipal Commissioner, the takeover would depend on whether the developer agrees to finish the deficient work in the societies and whether the builder is willing to pay the MCG to complete the work. If a builder is unwilling to agree to both of these conditions then the builder’s license could be revoked by the MCG.   

A Role for a Fact Finding Committee

As a first step, all private colonies that the MCG is considering to take over will be visited by a three member fact finding committee. The three members that make up the committee are private consultants. By the middle of next month, the members of the fact finding committee will submit their estimate of deficiencies in the concerned societies. The committee members will also provide the MCG with the estimated price which will be needed to maintain the societies over the next five years. A few of the societies the MCG is considering to take over house some of the better luxury apartments in Gurgaon.  

Finishing the Job

After the committee has finished the task and provided the MCG with the cost likely to be incurred in completing the deficient work, the MCG will provide a time period of six months within which builders must complete the work. Builders may choose to let the MCG complete the work and pay the MCG according to do so.


Builders who choose to not complete the civic work themselves and not to pay the MCG to complete the civic work shall have their licenses cancelled by the MCG. After the builder’s license is cancelled the care of the society will be automatically transferred to the MCG. Residents living in some Affordable homes in Gurgaon however staged a walk out at Tuesday’s meeting as they believed that the MCG was being inconsiderate with respect to their unique circumstances.

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